Artificial grass for football

Football is a sport in which the artificial grass has been immensly applied and become irreplacable surface due to excellent characteristics for playing matches and economical validity.

The differences between football pitches with the artificial grass and the ones with the natural grass are getting more and more expressive:

  • Playing conditions on the whole surface are excellent under various weather conditions
  • It can be used 24 hours a day throughout the whole year ,365 days,( during summer or winter , in rain or snow from -20 C to +40C).
  • Low costs and less time for the pitch maintenance.
  • Possibility to have certain social events held, like concert etc.
  • Greater durability relies on the intensity and the way of the use, climate conditions and the quality of maintenance.

The artificial grass for football is the main product in the production programme of JUTAGRASS

Wide variety, quality and performances of these products completely satisfy even the strictest standards.

To confirm its quality, Juta Grass issues a guarantee for the installed pitches FIFA* and FIFA**.