Beside all the characteristics which are set to present the artificial grasses of other manufacturers ,JUTAGRASS presents pleasant and safe surface for children’s playground equipment.

On these courts, the artificial grass is being installed over special elastic layer which provides the soft, clean and dry surface. The whole system consists of tampon zone, which provides a particular protection from falling injuries, over which the artificial grass is laid. The standard colour of the grass is green, optional yellow, white or red (teraccota), so that you can choose the colour of the elastic layer on your own.

This system has been tested according to the European standard EN 1177 and responded to all the characteristics and requirements which are demanded by these this standard

  • A – the artificial grass
  • B - refilling material
  • C - elastic layer
  • D - geotextile
  • E - granulated layer.

EN 1177 Certificates