About us

Our basic activity is the production of sports surfaces and decoration of places with the artificial grass.

Constant development, cooperation with the leading European producers, the quality of performed works and the customer care have assorted us among the leading companies in this area. As a result, there are numerous accomplished projects, acquired experiences in work as well as the trust of our customers.

Our offer is based on the complete service ( material, installation, equipment, maintenance) and it also includes :

  • Sports fields installation with artificial grass
  • Decorating outside areas with artificial grass
  • Installation of artificial grass in hotels and restaurants
  • Installation and equipment of children’s playgrounds
  • Installation of sports surfaces (EPDM, ACRYL, PVC, PU ).

We are an exclusive representative of the artificial grass producer JUTAGRASS for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company JUTA GRAS is FIFA’s licenced producer , with the large number of installations in the sports courts of FIFA* and FIFA **. There are only a few producers of the artificial grass which, as JUTA GRASS, produce all the components from their own resources. The concept of production ’’UNDER THE ONE ROOF’’ provides excellent quality, especially affordable prices as well as long warranty dates for the artificial grass of JUTAGRASS.

For any questions

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  • +381 18 520-290